hell yes approach

The “Hell Yes” Approach


One key factor that separates inspiring and successful leaders from those who are trying to make it is decisiveness or in other words the difference between the aspiring entrepreneur and the one who’s building a forward-thinking multi-million dollar business lies in the ability to say “Hell Yes” or “Hell No”. It doesn’t always have to be the perfect or right decision so long as we take the risk and decide.

Do you ever read something that hits the mark? It just rings true and you see yourself nodding away in absoluteness? The ‘Hell Yes’ approach to better decision making is perfect! It’s all you need to get moving and keep moving. Applying it to business decisions is a worthwhile thing. Now, in order to know what the ‘hell yes’ response in you is, think of the time when you had that response to something. Rather anything. An event, an offer, an opportunity, a person, a song, a word and then really soak yourself in it and tune in to your full body sensations. What did it look like, sounds like, taste like, feel like, smell like?

hell yes approach
Well, the ‘hell yes’ approach can be used in different situations, from going for a job to shopping. Now let’s apply this approach to shopping for instance. Now ‘hell yes’ could be your purchase mantra. So what about it? If you get the full on ‘hell yes’ – you buy! Any doubt, you don’t buy. Now, how will you know it works? Well, allow logic to get in the way and you will rationalize out the ‘yeah’ and ‘maybe’ response. Like many other people – making the purchase without the passion will lead you to not using, not liking or not enjoying that top, shirt or shoes. That will be a wrong opportunity and you will end up wasting time, effort and money.

Thus, for every opportunity that comes your way- be it a new business initiative, event, partnership deal, or hiring decision- ask yourself, “Do I want to ______?” Most often, you’ll intuitively respond in one of three ways- ‘Hell Yes’ or ‘yeah’ or ‘maybe’. When ‘hell yes’ is you response you should do it immediately. When ‘yeah’ is your response you should table it for now and revisit it later or never. Finally if your response is ‘maybe’, you should walk away completely since mediocre is not good enough. Remember, there is no yes and there is no maybe.

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